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Wearable Gadgets – HTC Smartwatch is Coming

wearable gadgets

HTC is preparing their own smartwatch. Moreover, rumors speak of three different wearable gadgets that should be presented to the private examinations and during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Wearable gadgets are a new category of gadget, still far from its maturity – which does not mean that the manufacturers do not want to try themselves in this segment. ... Read More »

Best sound mp3 player – Love at first listening

best sound mp3 player

Although it may seem like an easy task, determining the best sound mp3 player can be tricky. How come? – You ask. Well, first of all many of the top devices utilize the same sound chips and second, it’s difficult to notice the difference between high quality devices if you don’t have „trained“ ears of an experienced audiophile. The best ... Read More »

Touch Screen Mp3 Player With Camera – All in One

touch screen mp3 player with camera

The touch screen mp3 player with camera is an all-in-one solution for your musical needs and desires. Delicate and lightweight, it gives you crystal clear sound and good visual quality.The most important thing is that you can make great contrast between bass and treble, so it rounds up the sound perfectly. The touch screen mp3 player with camera is very ... Read More »

Best Buy Tv in 2014

best buy tv in 2014

Which TV to buy? Which one is the most cost-effective, is it best buy tv in 2014 32″, 40″ or 46″? Is it worth maybe plasma, or rather LED LCD? Buy now, or wait for the spring and new models? See our top list, a guide to buying the best and the most rewarding TV for the beginning of year ... Read More »

Top Rated LED TV

top rated led tv

If you’re looking to purchase a new high definition TV, LED televisions offer a mix of high quality image at a surprisingly reasonable budget. For our top rated LED TV list, we’ve scoured the ratings to offer up four very different models, each of which meets specific needs. Which one works for you will really depend on you: your budget, ... Read More »

Small LCD TV – Perfect TV For Every House

small lcd tv

If you’re looking to buy a TV, even a small one, there’s a world of options out there. With the advent of HD television and film, the marketplace has exploded with different options for new televisions. These include some rather expensive options, including plasma televisions and LED televisions, but for the budget-conscious consumer who’s still looking for high-quality entertainment, a ... Read More »

Best TV For The Money – Your Perfect TV

best tv for the money

Recently, the world of television has gotten a whole lot better, and also a whole lot more confusing. While the choice used to be simply a question of which mediocre-quality CRT television you would purchase – you remember, don’t you, those ugly square boxes that used to sit in every living in America, and now sit comfortably at the dump? ... Read More »

Intel MemoryMirror Gadget Will Help You Look Better

intel smartmirror gadget

Clothing stores are still relying on a relatively simple principle of ‘boxes’ in which there are one or more mirrors. With Intel MemoryMirror gadget things in the future could certainly change. Consumers will be able to try on several pieces of clothing on themselves, rotate it and send the captured image to the ‘assessment’ by friends or simply take a ... Read More »

Tech Gifts for Men – Find The Best Tech Gift

tech gifts for men

Everyone knows men like their toys. Just because they’ve grown up, doesn’t mean they want to stop playing with them. It just means they’re looking for better versions. Thanks to modern tech, there are more choices than ever before. If you have a male in your life who loves gadgets, below are some of the best example of tech gifts ... Read More »

Spy Gadget for Kids – Find The Best Spy Gadget For Your Kid

spy gadget for kids

Every kid likes to play spy. Whether they’re imitating their favorite onscreen character or simply want to run around the neighborhood looking for fun, playing spy is a pastime we’ve all enjoyed. In 2014, there are a number of cool gadgets kids can use to pretend they’re taking part in the real thing. What is the best spy gadget for ... Read More »