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Best Buy Tv in 2014

Which TV to buy? Which one is the most cost-effective, is it best buy tv in 2014 32″, 40″ or 46″? Is it worth maybe plasma, or rather LED LCD? Buy now, or wait for the spring and new models? See our top list, a guide to buying the best and the most rewarding TV for the beginning of year 2014.

We all want the most for our hard earned money. But the problem is that we have different criteria, and special stories are discounts that just a few days after the publication of this article may turn things upside down.

Therefore, we will more look to the characteristics of televisions per individual classes, their advantages and disadvantages. Talk about some cost-effective model, which one is the best buy tv in 2014, is actually determined by the current discounts – be sure to check prices before buying. You can also read our previous article about best tv on the market here

How to buy a television, not to spend too much and that you’re happy? Universal advice is do not buy the cheapest, and don’t save too much. Why? You will probably watch TV for at least 5 years, it’s not a cell phone that is changed every two years. If you buy a TV that does not suit you for any reason, all to save a few dollars, you will remember that each time you turn it on.

If you buy a 32″ LED TV, it is not profitable to buy top models as practical difference in picture quality, which are visible on the major diagonals doesn’t exist. Fortunately, that fact also realized and the producers and the top models are not produced with screens smaller than 40″ or 46″.

Best buy 32 inch LED TV

Best Buy 32 inch LED TV for watching SD programs: Samsung UE-32F4500

best buy 32 inch led tv


Although it has only HD resolution (1366 x 768) it is not the lack of the 32″ and when watching SD programs. The picture quality is generally good, and by features this is a unique TV in the Samsung portfolio: no 100 Hz and is inexpensive, but it has Smart TV platform, and design like premium models, especially if  you choose the white color.

Best Buy 32″ LED TV: Sony KDL-32W650

Best Buy 32 inch LED TV


Sony always makes great TVs, but also always knew how to charge that. Today, this is not true, at least the second part – the TV with excellent contrast and quality of processing (best interpolation processor), Full HD resolution, attractive design and image quality is high class but low price – just $ 600! The only drawback: the Smart TV platform is mediocre. If it’s being reintroduced into the equation, the best buy TV in 2014 is more expensive ($ 700) Samsung UE32F6400. Alternative: LG 32LA640, Philips 32PFL5008. Generally, the 32 “is OK for SD TV if you watch from up to 3 m, if you’re watching high-definition picture you will not see a complete wealth of details on more than 2 m distance…

Best buy 39 inch LED TV

Best Buy 39 inch LED TV: Samsung UE-39F5500

Best Buy 39 inch LED TV

With excellent Smart TV platform, very good image processing, and a tempting 5 year warranty which prevailed for first place in the class and best buy tv in 2014. The alternative is LG 39LA620 – excellent allrounder who is bothered only if you whatch it askance because already at 20 degrees image is fading, but it is valid for all 39″ TVs on the market. LG has a good design, excellent Smart TV platform and 100 Hz interpolation processor – if it has the same warranty as Samsung, LG would be a winner. A good choice is the Panasonic TX-L39E6E, with the best image processing (scaling SD signals).  Everyone is priced around $ 700.

Best buy 40 inch/42 inch TV

Good old S-PVA panel  for years is the number one for movie buffs and dominant in Class 40″. But more is better, an extra 2″ make class 42″ popular and they all offer their models with larger panels. However, due to better characteristics we recommend buying 40″ Samsung and Sony TVs models, which typically primarily offer better viewing angles than their 42″ brothers. Do not forget, in the 42″ range is and the first plasma where only Panasonic offers Full HD models. Respectively, offered, because they stop producing plasmas these days … If you don’t mind the disadvantages of plasma panels, they are a good purchase. Here goes the same as the 32″ class – the best ratio of price (about $ 900) and performance is offered by Samsung UE-40F6400 and the Sony KDL-40W650, but because of Smart TV platform and the price difference in favor of Samsung (cheaper $ 15) the same refers title:

Best buy 40 inch LED TV: Samsung UE-40F6400

Best buy 40 inch LED TV

If for you is not enough 102cm of diagonal, see the offer of a 42″ TVs. Here we have a more interesting models,  from plasma TVs to LG and Philips with IPS panels and passive 3D image, with Philips specialty – Ambilight. Therefore, and due to a very good price, best buy tv in 2014 in its class:

Best buy 42 inch LED TV: Philips 42PFL5008

Best buy 42 inch LED TV

Ambilight is superb, IPS panel has wide viewing angles, passive 3D is very pleasant, interpolation processor works OK and the price is lower than its competitors, including the LG, whose panel uses Philips – we can turn a blind eye to bad Smart TV and mediocre contrast. Alternative: LG 42LA660S, Panasonic TX-L42ET50E, Panasonic TX-P42ST60, Panasonic TX-P42GT60, Sony KDL-42W650, Samsung UE-42F6400

Best buy 46 inch/47 inch LED TV

In this class we will touch more expensive, premium models, which sometimes have a particularly good discount prices. A similar rule applies as for the 40 “/ 42” – 46 “are MVA while 47” is S-PVA panels, typically the IPS. Here we note that such a large TV should not be without interpolation processor, although such models entice with very good prices (Sony R470, Samsung F5xxx) even less than $ 1000, do not fall for the 100Hz CMR or similar: it’s marketing, you need at least 200 Hz in the specifications, otherwise, you will see a blur in fast-moving scenes and twitching that usually smoothes out interpolation. Our favorite in the class for the best buy tv in 2014 is:

Best buy 46 inch LED TV: Samsung UE-46F6400

We are boring already with this model, so much that we will not publish the photo again :-). But currently offers convincingly the best price-performance ratio, with a price of $ 1,000 is significantly cheaper than comparable competitors, and deservedly takes the title as the most profitable.

Best buy 47 inch LED TV: LG 47LA640

Best buy 47 inch LED TV

With a price of around $ 1,000, you get an excellent passive 3D, great design, very good processing, interpolation processor, excellent Smart TV and generally good image quality. The alternative is the Philips 47PFL5028 with the same panel and ‘Ambilight’ but it is almost $ 150 more expensive, and Panasonic 47ET60E who has the best SD signal processing in the class, the new Smart TV platform (though worse than LG …) and the price of $ 1200.


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