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Intel MemoryMirror Gadget Will Help You Look Better

intel smartmirror gadget

Clothing stores are still relying on a relatively simple principle of ‘boxes’ in which there are one or more mirrors. With Intel MemoryMirror gadget things in the future could certainly change. Consumers will be able to try on several pieces of clothing on themselves, rotate it and send the captured image to the ‘assessment’ by friends or simply take a look at the pieces of goods again at home.

Intel MemoryMirror gadget, usually based on the Intel Core i7 processor, raises consumer experience to a whole new level, according to the company. Virtual inspection of goods could also speed things up, facilitate the selection and more. On virtual mirror consumers will use only simple hand gestures to make certain selection or see the goods on themselves from all sides. To find out more about Intel MemoryMirror gadget  it is best to take a look at at the video: