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Top Free Android Apps for Messaging and Socializing

top free android chat apps

These free Android applications will help you keep in touch with the most important people in your life.

Google Voice
Free application that fits smoothly in Android on your phone, giving you a unique number, for as much devices you want. Give the number to whomever you want, and use filters for spam and other junk to protect your privacy. You can also use it for cheap international calls, but the best is to send and receive free text messages from any device, including desktop computer.

Hangouts is a free application that replaced the popular Talk. Not only that can be used for online chatting, but also supports video chats. If you have on your device Android 4.4 Kitkat, you can use it to send text messages, and if you’re on Google+ you can also run a video conference with up to 12 participants.

A free application for sending free text messages and making calls, from other similar applications is different in that it treats your computer as a communication device, which means that it is no problem to start a conversation on  Android device and switch on the PC to be continued.

If you do not want anyone except you and the recipients sees your text messages, this could be the application for you. Free TextSecure application text messages encrypts on the way, and also can encrypt all stored in your phone.

This free app complements TextSecure, so that encrypts calls to other users of this application, using existing phone numbers.

Facebook / Facebook Messenger
Just the thing for those addicted to the white-blue social network because it allows surfing through its vast expanses, chit chat and access to all the settings. If you just want to talk, then think about Facebook Messenger. Both are free.

Circle of 6
This (so far) unique application is good for situations where you need a quick and discreet help of friends. Double-tapping on the screen and you will send one of three pre-written text messages on up to six phone numbers. One message sends your GPS location and request that someone picks you up, while others are seeking from a friends to contact us immediately.

Plume for Twitter
Plume is good if you want to better manage your account on Twitter. With it, you can modify a decent number of settings, even the color which will show that you have a new message, and you can mute individual users or topics. It’s free.

Service that has grown rapidly in recent years, which enables rapid sharing of something you’ve made or found on the internet. A new free application for Android has a really good interface.