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Tablets That Can Take Over Your Laptop

Laptops have been highly functional for work and for entertainment. Most of the tablet users generally prefer owning a laptop for heavy-duty work. However, clubbing the right tablet with the right applications can completely nullify your need to reach out for your laptop the next time you need hefty work done. The idea of replacing your laptop with a sleek looking tablet is quite intriguing. It is important to explore the tablet market for powerful tablets which can replace your laptops before you finalize a tablet for yourself. We will take a look at those tablets that have made a difference in the market of laptops.

Apple iPad Air 2

Powerful tablets which can replace your laptops

The Apple iPad Air 2 surpasses most of the tablets in design and features. Replacing your laptop with the sleek iPad Air 2 is hardly resistible, especially when you have the ease of carrying your tablet around without much difficulty. The A8X chip fitted in this tablet has brought a huge improvement to the battery life. The company claims the battery to last as long as 10 hours which is pretty decent when compared to the battery life of an average laptop. The display is brilliant and Apple boasts of one of the best screen display among tablets. The enhanced graphics provide a great experience for gamers and video editors with the Apple store overflowing with apps for work and entertainment. You can easily survive on the iPad Air 2 without missing your laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Powerful tablets which can replace your laptops

Samsung is hardly far behind when it comes to the production of tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is another super-slim tablet that can overpower your laptop. The tablet has a sleek design similar to the Air 2, but Samsung has chosen to use a plastic finish for the body. Both the 8 inch and 9.7 inch models come with Super Amoled display which is fairly vibrant but it is not as good as the iPad Air 2. The octa-core Exynos processor combined with 3GB RAM makes the tablet an easy choice for those who love playing games on the tab. You can run multiple apps on the tab without noticing any delay. The picture quality of the camera is good and you have the ever-growing Android market to choose applications that can help you replace your laptop with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It certainly fits the list of powerful tablets which can replace your laptops.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Powerful tablets which can replace your laptops

Laptop users who like the Windows experience would find the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ideal for themselves. The tablet run on Windows 8.1, and has a 12 inch touch screen. The design is appealing to the eye and is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. It has a comfortable kickstand and an optional keyboard. The Surface Pro 3 has a sharp display and excellent viewing angles. The Haswell processor along with 8 GB RAM, makes the tablet powerful enough to replace your laptop.

Sony Vaio Tap 11

Powerful tablets which can replace your laptops

With every tablet that is manufactured, we can see that companies are attempting to minimize the chasm between laptops and tablets. Sony Vaio Tap 11 is one of those powerful tablets which can replace your laptops. The Intel core i5-4210Y powers this tablet with 4 GB RAM, making it easy to use without much lag in opening applications or running multiple apps. The tablet is thin and beautifully designed, although it is not close enough when compared to the likes of iPad Air 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It is a Windows tablet which makes the transition from a laptop to a tablet easy for Windows users.

Lenovo Yoga 8

Powerful tablets which can replace your laptops

The android based Lenovo Yoga 8 is a stylish looking tablet with a slim screen and a heavy base. The base which houses a 6000 mAh battery also provides comfortable support to the tablet screen. Like most of the Android based tablets, the need of a keyboard is eliminated making the device easy to handle. It is outfitted with a quad-core MediaTek MT8389 processor and is supported by 1GB RAM. The display is nice with good viewing angles as well however it is no match to the Samsung or Apple tablets. The graphics are weak but the overall performance of the tablet is decent. With the Android marketplace offering an overwhelming number of applications, you can customize the Lenovo Yoga 8 to make it one of the most powerful tablets which can replace your laptops.

Moving from a laptop to a tablet is easier for everyday laptop users who use the laptop simply for entertainment and to pass free time. For such users, the use of a laptop is limited and it does not require high end professional applications or suites. However, if you are a professional and require major applications like premium video editing and photo editing software, you may choose to stick to the laptop till the tablet market comes up with something more powerful.

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