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iPhone 7 – Is It Worth The Wait

Technology, as it overpowers the world, has a lot to offer and its ability to come up with newer and better devices for its audience has only left us craving for more. Mobile phones are one of the most technologically driven devices in the ultra-modern world. While some look for a status symbol in their phones, others are looking for rugged devices which can go through rough handling. However, one thing that no one wants to compromise is the features of the phone. Every user wants to have the best features packed in their phone and evidently, most of the users are willing to pay a good sum of money to acquire the best phones. Apple has kept this in mind with the phones that it launches and it has easily emerged as one of the best mobile phone providers by making the prestigious iPhone an iconic device for users across the world.

Mobile phone users are constantly caught on to the question of whether they should upgrade their current phone yet or not. The ability of mobile phone companies to transform their previous models into better versions within a few months is making the question even more difficult. Apple has constantly provided superior features in their newer models. Rumour has it that Apple will launch iPhone 7 by Q4 next year. However there is no way to know this for sure and many times Apple has proved the rumours to be wrong. There is a possibility of an early launch or a significant delay which leaves us with the question- Should I wait for iPhone 7?

What will be the USP of iPhone 7?

Apple faced quite a bit of criticism with the launch of iPhone 6 which seemed to be a little more than an upgrade of its predecessor, iPhone 5S. With this in mind, Apple may want to bring a noticeable change with iPhone 7 so that it can steadily hold on the market and attract new users. As competition increases, the possibility of shelling out huge sums of money for fewer new features is dimmed. If Apple is going to significantly delay its launch of iPhone 7, it will have to gift wrap the device with exclusive features to meet the ever growing needs of mobile users.

Possible expectations from iPhone 7

Should I wait for iPhone 7

Users may have many outlandish ideas about the iPhone 7 but some features are expected to be there in the phone to be at par with its competitive counterparts. Wireless charging is one feature that is long due in the Apple phones. Samsung, Sony and Nokia have wireless charging available for its phone for a noticeable period of time. Analysts have long anticipated the introduction of sapphire glass protection to iPhones, and although it was expected to be a part of iPhone 6, users are hopeful that the iPhone 7 will include it. The upcoming version of iPhone is also expected to have a waterproof body, strengthening its stand among other phones that are water and dust resistant.

An improved camera is also high in demand among users who plan to buy the iPhone 7. A newer design with an upgraded processor is also being expected in the next generation device. iPhone 6S has 3D touch technology which has caused a buzz in the market, and has amplified their expectations as well.

Should I wait for iPhone 7?

If your question is Should I wait for iPhone 7, Apple will certainly make their latest phone worth the wait, however if you are currently using an iPhone 5 or a previous model then the iPhone 6S is worth buying. It offers advanced technology, the latest iOS and the 3D touch has many users swooning over it. However if you are an iPhone 6 user then it is better to wait for approximately a year’s time to acquire the much awaited iPhone 7. Apple has always attempted to provide world-class products to its users and the iPhone 7 will be no less attractive than any of its predecessors. Competition in the mobile world is growing in leaps and bounds and to stay at pace Apple will certainly amaze us with their innovative creations.



So if you are asking yourself the question ‘Should I wait for iPhone 7’ then all you need to know is that if you like to stay at the edge of technology then pick the iPhone 6S now and trade it for an iPhone 7 when it launches. iPhone 6 users who can do without the 3D touch or the rose gold frame, should definitely wait for the iPhone 7. While those who have been long waiting to buy a new phone, iPhone 6S will not let you down. If you are an android user and want to switch to an iPhone, then you can consider the  iPhone 6S. It offers great value for money and it is one of the best among the mobile phones available currently in the market.


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