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Cheap Underwater Camera 2014 – Record Yourself Even Underwater

cheap underwater camera

Worried that your mobile phone will not withstand the water pressure? Worried that you will miss out capturing all the fun under water? Do not worry! The all-new cheap underwater camera is here. This camera has so many features that will definitely amaze any user! There are so many features in the camera that one will find the money spent ... Read More »

Genius Camera with GPS Review

Genius DVR-FHD660G Review

Like other cameras for vehicles from Genius portfolio DVR FHD660G is intended for recording of driving conditions on the road or as an aid in monitoring the movement of vehicles, and can also be used for security purposes. The new model brings two new hardware features. Genius DVR-FHD660G is the first Genius camera with GPS. The integrated GPS receiver, accurate ... Read More »

Garmin Virb Elite Review – Camera for Your Adventures

Garmin Virb Elite Review

Garmin has completed an offer of gadgets for leisure time with high-definition video camera Garmin Virb Elite. Can they with the experience and credibility take away part of the GoPro camera users? GoPro has been for years a synonym for sports action camera. Many have tried to take away their piece of the pie in this increasingly popular market. Garmin ... Read More »

Olympus E-M10 Review – Stunning New Camera

Olympus E-M10

Olympus has introduced three new digital cameras for a whole range of different needs. Among them is the Olympus E-M10 – a new member of the family of award-winning OM-D series device, the SP-100E – the world’s first camera with built-targeting device and resistant model TG-850. Olympus E-M10 review MD Series has a new member, the Olympus E-M10. Stunning new ... Read More »

Sony A5000 Wi-Fi Digital Camera Review

Sony A5000 Wi-Fi Digital Camera Review

Sony, with its smallest and lightest Wi-Fi digital camera with interchangeable lens set new standards in the world of photo industry, at least so they say in the company. With an effective Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor of 20.1 megapixels and BIONZ X processor, Sony A5000 wi-fi digital camera produces excellent photos despite its size. When creating a model A5000 ... Read More »

Top Digital Camera 2014

top digital camera 2014

CES 2014 is behind us and we have seen many new digital cameras. But which one is the best? In our opinion the top digital camera of 2014 is Fujifilm X100S. Why this camera? In article below we will provide some fact why we think that Fujifilm X100S is the best buy digital camera for 2014th. Top digital camera of ... Read More »

Cheap Digital Camera That Fit Your Needs

cheap digital camera

Everyone loves a digital camera and if it’s a cheap digital camera then even better. Even with the include option most of us have with our smart phones, a digital camera just can’t be beat. Phones are ok for some pictures, but for special occasions or photography you really want to show off, there’s no substitute for a digital camera ... Read More »

Best Small Digital Camera For Your Money

best small digital camera

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to be able to take a good, quality picture. Especially with social media, everyone wants a photograph of special events, daily occurrences and surprise moments. Although smart phones have done a lot to make this easier than ever before, everyone knows they just don’t cut it sometimes. Even cheap digital cameras ... Read More »

Best Pocket Camera That Will Fit Your Needs

best pocket camera

In today’s day and age, most of us love the fact that we can easily take a photo or record a video thanks to our handy smart phones. At a moment’s notice, we can capture a moment to show to our friends and family later on. But the truth is a lot of times smart phones just don’t cut it. ... Read More »

Best Waterproof Camera

best waterproof camera

Sometimes the rapids call. Sometimes the rapid will get you completely wet. Sometimes, it is never a good idea to bring a camera. The following sentiment is shared not only by white-water rafters, but most people who love water sports. From kayaking to sailing, there is any number of beautiful things worth capturing in picture. The tragic thing is that ... Read More »