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Spy Gadget for Kids – Find The Best Spy Gadget For Your Kid

Every kid likes to play spy. Whether they’re imitating their favorite onscreen character or simply want to run around the neighborhood looking for fun, playing spy is a pastime we’ve all enjoyed. In 2014, there are a number of cool gadgets kids can use to pretend they’re taking part in the real thing.

What is the best spy gadget for kids?

Here is the list of some cool spy gadgets for kids:

1. Spy Gear Night Scope

Any good spy needs to work under cover of darkness. The Spy Gear Night Scope is great spy gadget for kids in this regard. Pop these glasses on and it’s just like using real night vision goggles. These glasses can penetrate up to 25 feet of darkness so we consider this glasses as very cool spy gadget for kids. Switch on the green tinted lenses and you’ll be able to magnify what you see up to 5 times! Perfect for looking at secret documents in a dark room or sneaking up on people who can’t see you!

2. Spy Gear Walkie Talkies

When it comes to spy gadget for kids no collection is complete without a proper pair of walkie talkies. After all, your child won’t be going at every mission alone. With a pair of walkie talkies your kids can be a block apart while still letting each other know when the coast is clear. Thanks to the included belt clip, you can also rest the walkie talkies securely at your side while you chase down a suspect!

3. Novelty Security Camera

Every spy needs a headquarters. But every spy also needs to make sure their headquarters is safe from the enemy. With the Novelty Security Camera, your children can set up a surveillance perimeter around their base with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their foes think they’re being watched at all times. As the cameras themselves don’t actually work, you don’t have to worry about your children actually using them to record people in their private lives.

4. Spy Net Voice Recording Spy Pen

Sometimes a spy needs to record a confession or top-secret conversation. For this, there’s the Spy Net Voice Recording Spy Pen.  To the uninitiated, it looks like a simple ball point pen to be used for writing down simple notes (which it can!). The truth, however, is that all the while it’s making a record of any conversation around it. No spoken word is safe when this cool pen is in use!

5. Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch

Wild Plane’s Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch is a welcomed addition to any spy’s collection of gear. Wear it like a normal watch, but take advantage of the 8 different tools it provides. Your child will get a decoder screen they can use to read secret messages. Use the custom vision light to make the most out of dark places. It even has normal watch functions including the time across different time zones, a stop watch and even an alarm (because even spies need to know when it’s time to come home).

There’s never been a better time for your child to be a spy. Any spy gadget for kids is great, but the above examples are exactly what they need to get their top-secret mission accomplished. Hope that you will like it because we’re sure that your kid will like at least one of these, so get perfect spy gadget for kids today and make your kid the best spy among his friends.

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