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Cool Gadgets To Buy That Will Make Our Life Easier

There is a lot of junk out there. From useless inexpensive technology, to useless expensive technology, there are any number of things that you could buy, but aren’t really worth it. Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t really cool things out there. In fact, 2013 has been an excellent year for creating fantastic gadgets that can help make your life more awesome. Lets take a look at some of the winners, and see what cool gadgets to buy.

Best cool gadgets to buy in our opinion:

Small cool gadgets to buy with huge implications:

There has been a kind of war going on between different TV production companies who are constantly trying to out do one another. With so many built in features, it can be very hard to figure out how navigate them, and what a TV is actually capable of doing.

Into this mess comes the Google Chromecast, a small, portable USB device. What it lacks in flashiness it makes up for in substance. The Google Chromecast can take anything you are running on a smart phone or tablet, and transfer it electronically to play on your television. Next time you want to show someone something cool, having this little device will make bringing it up very easy. The Google Chromecast allows for seamless integration. When combined with an amazing 35 dollar cost, it can be an incredible investment. The Chromecast is easy to set up, runs with almost every portable electronic device, and offers a wide array of supportive features.

A rival to the popular IPhone:

Over the last few years, Android has rolled out a number of sleek smart phones that put it on part with the IPhone line of products. Machined out of a solid block of aluminum, the HTC One sports a beautiful design, top of the line production, and easy to use interface. It has a 1080p resolution and a 4.7 inch sized display. Adding to this is a 1.7 GHz processor that makes it top of the line. In addition, it loads from pressing on to being useful in only 8 seconds. Finally, the image quality is excellent.

If you are looking for a sleek comfortable alternative to the IPhone, then Android has got you covered as one of the cool gadgets to buy.

Saying hello to the photography of tomorrow:

Good cameras are usually incredibly expensive. However, for those who care about taking high quality images then finding the right camera can be a struggle. This ended with the release of the Sony A7r. The Sony A7r camera is the first full-frame camera that does not include a mirror. This provides better image quality, a wider frame of view, and a better picture in low light. The A7r represents the best small cameras on the market. The one downside is the price. At an average price of 2300 dollars, few can justify spending so much on a camera. If you are very dedicated to crisp pictures however, then the A7r will make the perfect upgrade to whatever you have currently and that is on of the reasons why A7r is among cool gadgets to buy. But if you want something cheaper you can check our article ‘Best Pocket Camera‘.

Everyone should have one Google Chromecast: