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Cheap touch screen mp3 players – Find the perfect one

Today the most popular and also the most expensive mp3 player is iPod touch but not everyone can afford them so many people are searching for cheap touch screen mp3 players.

Cheap touch screen MP3 players are popular in the market because you don´t have to spend a lot of money to get a good and quality touch screen mp3 player or some great copy of iPod touch device.

Many consumers prefer touch screen because of its modern and sleek design and the navigation for some people is simply easier. With less space being used for physical controls it results with larger screen display which allows you to watch your favorite video clips.

It is very important that you consider a few things before buying cheap touch screen mp3 players:

• the device has to support the types of files you’ll want to download
• make sure you try audio quality
• think about how often you’re willing to charge up your player
• decide which features do you want
• capacity of device
• larger display if you like viewing pictures/videos

Here is a list of various affordable devices which offer both, audio and video entertainment, video camera, wireless connectivity and many other features:

cheap touch screen mp3 playersPYRUS ELECTRONICS 8GB MULTIMEDIA PLAYER

– This player with touch screen has good sound, video player and digital camera. It is more basic and affordable option.
– Battery lasts up to 10 hours when you listen the music and up to 4.5 hours of watching videos. The good thing is that the battery is replaceable and there is a slot for a MiniSD card if 8GB memory isn’t enough for you.
– User also can enjoy playing games, reading text, taking pictures and listening to FM radio.
– It has simple yet high quality design and I think it will fit everyone’s taste


cheap touch screen mp3 playersSLY ELECTRONICD 4GB VIDEO MP3 PLAYER

– Here is a little bit different mp3 player with 2 inch touch screen. With his very own sleek design and touch pad controls, this device makes browsing much easier and faster.
– MicroSD card slot can accommodate up to 8GB of additional storage what is equal to 4,600 songs.
– The player also has dual-headphone jacks for multiple listeners and some versions have built-in voice recorder with microphone.



cheap touch screen mp3 playersRICATECH 2GB MP4 PLAYER

– If you are looking for cheap touch screen mp3 players with 2GB memory, here is little iPod touch clone. It has many features: standard mp3 player and video player, photo viewer, voice recorder, Ebook viewer…
– Users also can record from FM radio and enjoy playing games.
– If the low memory bothers you, device also have an SD card slot which gives it an additional 2GB of space. However, it does not have internet support.

cheap touch screen mp3 playersVEDEGO 28 PERSONAL MEDIA PLAYER

– This player supports MP3, WMA and WAV music formats and MPEG-4 (AVI) video format which are shown in full color.
– The user will also enjoy browsing pictures in JPEG, GIF and BMP formats or listening to their favorite FM station.
– Some other features are built-in microphone and extra long time recording.
– It supports external MiniSD Card if 2GB memory doesn’t suit your needs.

cheap touch screen mp3 players4GB COBY MP3 PLAYER

– Another player with 2.8 inch LCD which supports all of standard formats and listening to FM radio.
– It is perfect for watching videos showing them both, vertically or horizontally.
– The player doesn’t have a card slot, but you can find the same device just with larger memory.

There are many different touch screen MP3 players available in the market in different colours and with cool designs and some of them are very great choice if you are seeking for some cheaper device. Maybe these few examples will help you in choosing perfect and cheap touch screen mp3 player for you. Make sure that you find one that works great, look good and has as many features you want.