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Best Portable DVD Player Everyone Should Buy

When it comes to mobility in entertainment, one of the greatest technologies that may exist, arguably, is the portable DVD player. This piece of technology has allowed for more and more family trips to be enjoyable in the car or on a plane where access to televisions and entertainment can be limited. And of course everyone wants to have the best portable DVD player.

It can even turn a classroom into a high tech environment where research can be done with DVDs and other educational videos. If you are looking to invest in the best of the best portable DVD player, the following is one option that you are sure to want to include in your list of top products on the market.

Kindle Fire HDX is best portable dvd player

best portable dvd player

Why we consider Kindle Fire HDX  as the best portable DVD player? When you think of Kindle, it is often the books and magazines that can be read on the screen that are images that are conjured up. The truth is, though, that the Kindle Fire HDX is rated among the top in portable DVD players as well. There are several different features that make this a top choice among consumers, including the sound, processing, and display graphics.


The Kindle Fire HDX has a wealth of great features, but among the top of the list is the graphic quality. The HDX offers an 8.9 inch display that makes it large enough to enjoy movies and DVDs without visual struggle. Not only that, but the screen is also one of the highest in pixel density. With more pixel density, there is the ability to get a saturated picture that looks great and moves with the quality that any top of the line television set or computer would have. If for no other reason, the graphics alone make this a great choice.


Many portable DVD players can seem bulky or can require an extra bag to take with you and transport. This is not the case with the Kindle Fire HDX. This device is portable and lightweight, coming in at just over 13 ounces. Because of the lightweight structure, it is great for older individuals and those who want to carry it with them without strain or stress.


Finally, a unique aspect of this Kindle Fire HDX is the processing power that it has. There is a 2.2 GHz internal processor that makes it quick and responsive to viewer commands. For that reason, there is little delay in loading on a functioning device and it works well for those that want quickness, beauty, and design in a portable DVD player.

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