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Top 10 Laptop Brands You Should Look For

top 10 laptop brands

Buying a laptop is an expensive endeavor and it requires some research before purchase. If you are looking to buy a laptop, there are certain brands on the market that have sustainability and also provide a consistently good product. The following discusses top 10 laptop brands that you should look for when you are purchasing your laptop.

Top 10 laptop brands list:


Apple is a name that is often thought of when it comes to phones and televisions and it must be on our top 10 laptop brands list. However, they are also making a strong and consistent mark in the laptop venue as well. Apple products are among the best on the market and should be considered a top brand in laptop if you are looking for an iOS operating system.


Toshiba brand laptops are among the best on the market and Toshiba is definitely the brand that we will include on our list of top 10 laptop brands. They have consistently large screens and fast operating systems that make them a great choice for those that want style and efficient. Available in a wide range of prices, these notebooks and laptops are among the top in the field.


Another of the laptop brands that is increasing their product line and really trying to step up their products in technology is Samsung. They have numerous laptops available for those that are looking for style, size, and processing speed. Further, a company known for their television offerings, this can be a great brand for consistent customer service and recognition. Top 10 laptop brands list must include Samsung as one of the best and largest manufacturers.


Sony laptops continue to take up space on the laptop market and among the top brands, for good reason. With a responsive keyboard and touchpad, these are among the easiest to use for those looking for a highly designed and reactive laptop device.


Acer brand laptops often receive mixed reviews. They have been under a makeover lately, however, and the products that are being pushed are among the top on the market. Acer laptops offer a wide range of products for consumers that are quality in function and style. Also, they have the portability and size that many are seeking.


Dell is a name that you have likely come across in your search for the perfect laptop. Though the reviews are mixed on this brand as well, it continues to remain an important option for their hybrid offerings. Not only do they have great laptops but notebooks as well and combine them in a unique and beneficial way to the consumer, an areas where many others fail.


For quality and affordability, HP is among the best brands available on the market and that is enough good reason to be on our top 10 laptop brands list. It has been there for years and provides a unique opportunity for those that want a product with history but also quality. Offering a wide range of products, laptops, and notebooks, there are different sizes and processing features available depending on the selection.


Lenovo is a great laptop brand for those looking to invest. They have great screen ranges, high quality graphics cards, and sound capabilities that are second to none. This is why they continue their placement on this list and are likely to increase prominence in the future. We consider that Lenovo not only that deserves it place on top 10 laptop brands list but it’s serious contender for one of the first three places.


For gamers, there is no better system and laptop option than Allenware products. These sleekly designed and beautifully capable laptops are both functional and high capacity. They are a must for those wanting depth of storage and graphic/sound capabilities. Allenware is must when it comes to top 10 laptop brands.


Asus is among the top ten laptop brands, though their footing is slipping. The features and affordability on these notebooks and laptops make up for what they lack in style. New lines, however, promise to add more depth and time will tell if they continue their reign as one of the top in the industry.