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Samsung produces 5.25-inch screens for Galaxy Technopolis

5.25-inch screens for Galaxy TechnopolisSamsung can not rest, but constantly working – new AMOLED screens are 5.25 inches are in production. Let’s see what it is!

Samsung Galaxy Technopolis should have a resolution of 2560 x 1440 dots (screen). Of course there is the rest of the “team” – a camera of 16 megapixels and 3 GB of RAM. Nice, isn’t it?

But Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 can not be compared with the Galaxy Technopolis, since this model should have a screen that uses a diamond arrangement of points on the screen.

So each of the blue and red dots is shaped like a diamond (normal state) and green dots that are placed between them. Interestingly – better screen sharpness and density of dots is visible (Galaxy S5 should own 560 dots per inch).

All in all it looks like there will be a Snapdragon 800/805 processor or 64-bit  Exynos processor. Everything is still open, but you still have to know that Samsung is pushing further.