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Most Popular Windows Phone is…

most popular windows phone

Mobile industry markets analysts, specifically Windows Phone devices, AdDuplex company, today announced the most recent data, about the share of mobile devices under Microsoft’s mobile platform. The point is more – or less unchanged since the cheap Nokia Lumia 520 is still the best-selling and most popular windows phone in this segment of the industry.

Globally Lumia 520 currently holds a 30.8 percent stake, looking at all available Widows Phone mobiles. Second place holds Nokia Lumia 920 with a share of 8.4 percent, and the third is Lumia 620 with a share of eight percent.

Glancing at the data related to cell phones on Windows Phone version 8 thing has also remained the same, but with a slightly larger leading figures. Nokia Lumia 520 in this section has a share of 39.3 percent, followed by the Lumia 920 with a share of 10.8 and Lumia 620 with a share of 10.3 percent.

The data provided in connection with manufacturers of mobile phones on the platform Windows Phone, Nokia is by far the most dominant with a share of 92.1 percent, followed by HTC with a share of 5.2 percent and Samsung with a share of 1.6 percent.