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Leather Wingback Chair

Boss Wingback Leather Chair

Boss Wingback Leather Chair

This leather wingback chair has a traditional Victorian-style design and is made of black leather. This chair also has brass nails at the ends of the legs and it is a good decorative addition to a home office. The Boss leather wingback chair is easy to put together and it has this timeless and classic look to it. While the seat is somewhat small, it is still comfortable to sit on if you need to sit at the desk for hours. The color is not very shiny but despite this it is still attractive looking.

Kardien Black Wingback Leather Chair

This chair has a modern look but it is still a basic leather wingback chair. It is made of 100% European black leather and the high density foam in the chair makes for good seat padding and excellent comfort overall. This chair is a throwback to the 1960s in design yet the design is timeless enough where you will enjoy it for years to come. The leather itself is smooth and it has a slight shine to it.

Antique Style Burgundy Leather Wingback Chair

This classic style leather wingback chair was designed in England and it has an aristocratic feel to it. The smooth burgundy color adds further class to this chair and it is very durable. According to customers, this leather wingback chair is also durable and those who purchased it stated that it lasts for years. The antique style burgundy leather wingback chair has a comfortable seating and the mahogany legs on the ends of the chair are fantastic.

Jordan Leather Wingback Chair

This white leather wingback chair has soft yet slightly firm cushioning that allows you to sit at the desk comfortably for hours without being in pain after getting up from the chair. The chair also has beautiful nail head trimming all over it and you do not need to assemble it, which is good news for those who hate to assemble furniture.


Leather wingback chairs have sophistication and this is why these are ideal for home offices and other business settings. These chairs also come in a variety of sizes and colors and some of the chairs are studded for a more contemporary design. Leather wingback chairs tend to be more expensive than regular chairs but in light of the above mentioned reviews, they are worth the price.