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Laptops Under 300 Dollars – Best Buying Guide

Regardless of who you are an individual, a student, an employee or even an entrepreneur; laptops are a must these days. The aspect of affordability is not a big deal these days since there are many top brands of laptops available for just $300 in 2015.

Is this not great news for those who are not able to provide for themselves an expensive laptop? Laptops under 300 are generally between 10 to 15 inches moreover, they are by and large recognized as budget Netbooks.

At this moment laptops under 300 are getting heaps of consideration and that is a result of its cost as well as its specs. And the majority of your data is stacked away in the cloud and hence even if your laptop stops working or maybe you toggle to another system all you need to do is login by means of your username plus password and you will be able to continue exactly from where you had left off.

Laptops under 300: What you should look for!

laptops under 300While looking to purchase laptops there are several things that may be a hassle if you actually are not aware as to what to anticipate getting for the cash you are paying up.

The first most excellent thing you ought to do is to set a financial plan, which will permit you to concentrate in an improved manner on the kinds of laptops you are prepared to acquire.

When you look for laptops under 300, and then bear in mind that you should seek only the best while having reasonable anticipations. This is very important to be successful. You can also read our article about cheap laptops under 200.

Laptops under 300 should have hard drive of 250GB or larger

250GB of hard disk space is absolutely adequate to run all most important software programs which any average user needs. It will also help to store games, music tunes, movies and photographs.

Laptops under 300 should have 3GB of RAM or further

A 3GB of RAM will be ideal and will work perfectly even if you use it extensively. But in case you need to get a more advanced OS then look for 4GB RAM which will be helpful to you, so that you can also be on the safer side.

Laptops under 300 should have dual core processor

The dual core processor is the most excellent which you can obtain with the majority of the laptops under 300.  On the other hand, you can go in for a quad core model, in case you are fond of playing a lot of games.

Laptops under 300 should have Good OS

You can opt for a good OS in two ways. You can buy the ancestor of the most recent one. For example, you can prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8. This will help you in saving lots of money. On the other hand, you can buy with an OS which is a new entrant in the market like Chrome Operating System.

Once you have decided to buy a laptop for yourself, then bear in mind that you need to get the best for you and that too within your budget. Here is one that would match your requirements.

ASUS Chromebook C200 assesses a minimal 0.8 x 12 x 8 inches (HWD) and weighs 2.59 pounds. It’s absolutely slender and lighter. Like all Chromebooks, the C200 gladly shows the Google Chrome logo on its matte-dark cover.

The finish of the lids’ both top and bottom pulls in smears and fingerprints, so keep a microfiber material convenient in case you’re detailed.

By taking on Chromebooks plus cloud computing, organizations can profit; they can move their concentration from overseeing gadgets to overseeing something significantly more imperative – their information.

Features of ASUS Chromebook C200: Top of Form 

Bottom of Form

  • 11 Hours battery life. 11.6″ HD LED display.
  • Lightning quick dual-core Intel 2.16 GHz processor.
  • Dual-band 802.11a/C WI-Fi for very quick web scanning.
  • HD webcam for Google home bases. USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, SD card peruser ports, and Bluetooth 4.0 for expediency.
  • 100GB of Google Drive free for a long time and 16 GB of local flash storage with 2 GB RAM

Battery life

  • The new line-up of smooth and ultra-versatile ASUS Chromebooks features an open touchpad which gives simple control over multi-touch motion inputs. With up to 11 hours of battery life, benefit from Chromebook throughout the day while on the move or anywhere–use ASUS Chromebook throughout the day and every day.

Smaller yet Stylish

  • A stunningly conservative case at only 0.8 inches thin creates the ASUS Chromebook remarkably versatile. The up-to-date outline has a concealed pivot, giving a smooth look and a strong dark matte completion gives a premium feel.
  • The ASUS Chromebook additionally accompanies an inherent HD cam to catch HD feature and have vis-à-vis visits even in low-light conditions.

Stay Connected

  • Chromebook backings up to double band 802.11ac Wi-Fi giving fabulous sign quality to searching the web or streaming features and music at whatever point, wherever.

Amazing Speakers

Amazing stereo speakers with additional expansive sound chambers give execution that surpasses their miniscule size! Fresh, high- reliable sound can be reveled from anyplace and at any time.

Roomy Touchpad and Keyboard

  • The additional roomy touchpad features multi-finger signal backing for simple and natural use
  • The full-estimate one-piece console is designed with an astounding instrument giving a robust feel with a responsive and precise activity.

Interface with Everything

  • HDMI integration is incredible for joining a bigger outside showcase or even TV, entailing you to impart presentations amid your work gathering or watch films with family and companions.
  • A USB 2.0 port is given, alongside a Super Speed USB 3.0 presenting to 10-times (10x) quicker information exchanges. You even get an inherent SD card peruser which is incredible for exchanging documents, photographs and other media effectively.

Final Verdict 

This is really one of the most delightful looking and feeling Chromebooks accessible today, that likewise offers an extraordinary console and battery life, which is greatly astonishing considering that it is additionally one of the least expensive ones.

The ASUS Chromebook C200 is extremely light. It is as well quiet while operating. It does not have a fan owing to the innovative Intel processor plus you factually cannot perceive a sound while it is running.