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iPhone 5s Specs and Features

iphone 5s specs and features

You are not sure about buying iPhone 5s? We’re bringing you iPhone 5s specs and features to help you decide should you buy it or not.

Here are some quick iPhone 5s specs and features:

Pros: The brand new iPhone 5s is the fastest smartphone available, and it packs among the finest mobile cameras around.

Cons: It continues to lack expandable storage and accessories like near field communication, features that are becoming prevalent in other smartphones.

The Verdict 9/10: With a spectacular camera features and gorgeous new os, the iPhone is easily the very best smartphone you can purchase.

For better or worse, Apple’s iPhone may be the standard against which other smartphones are calculated. Granted, it gets lots of ridicule because of its big cost and firmly managed application environment. Functions like near field interaction, despite increasing in popularity elsewhere, are noticeably missing from Apple’s products. However the iPhoneis exceptional design and easy-to-use software allow it to be worth reward. The planet takes notice since even the simplest major improvements are usually built-into a refined cellular experience, whenever a new-model debuts.

This season, Apple debuted two new iPhone versions: the iPhone 5s and 5c. Irrespective of a somewhat greater battery and a greater front-facing camera, the thing new concerning the 5c is its outer layer, which currently is available in among five unique chocolate-colored tastes.

As the iPhone 5c is Apple’s new entry level solution, the iPhone 5s is its accurate alternative to this past year’s model. To external appearances, it looks almost identical to the 5, using the same thin-yet-durable design and vibrant Retina show. Inside, however, Apple’s additional features that, while easy, may have a powerful impact on the manner in which you’ll make use of the system. Some are only changes on which other companies did.

Design 10/10:

Actually, the 5s is essentially identical to its predecessor. At 0.3 inch-thick and 3.95 ounces large, its measurements are indistinguishable in the iPhone 5. Its 4-inch screen is smaller compared to 4.7-inch displays that many modern smartphones have, however itis easier to make use of with only one hand.

You will find new color versions, obviously: The stone-gray metal of the iPhone 5 hasbeen replaced with a light gray to the 5s, and the iPhone currently comes with two distinct metallic backings: traditional magic or smooth gold. But place the iPhone 5s in an incident and you had need certainly to examine its camera flash or house switch to inform it in addition to the last design – facts we will discuss a little later within our review.

Cameras 9/10:

Using the one two punch of the extraordinary new camera and iOS 7, the iPhone 5s is just a photography giant. Although it still officially sports an 8-megapixel camera, the telephone’s new iSight lens includes a warning that’s 15 percent bigger and collects 33 percent more light compared to iPhone 5’s, because of its 1.5-micron pixels. Based on Apple, image-quality is more an issue of pixel dimensions than pixel density, and after viewing the pictures the 5s may take, we often agree. More light on every pixel means images with richer colors and less items, particularly in low-light situations.

The telephone’s new flash should help improve the grade of your photographs, if you discover yourself indoors where lighting is a problem. The 5s includes two LED flashbulbs that work in tandem: one blue, another designer. They’re still LED flashes, meaning your subject has to be within about 10-feet to be lit, but they’ll help to keep the light and temperature of your photos nice and consistent.

Also the camera’s video features have been improved. You is now able to capture movies at 120 frames-per second, which allows you to slow parts of the video to quarter-rate and view the action in slow motion. You can even zoom in and out-live, exactly like using a real videocamera.

Matching the brand new camera and its display are software improvements in iOS 7 which make on-the-fly optimizations and repairs for your images. It will actually process many images together to get a crisper final photograph. This power to consider multiple pictures at once is also used in the phoneis fresh rush picture style. You can take 10 photographs another and the iPhone will quickly highlight what it believes are the best, most interesting and dynamic shots.

The panorama feature introduced in the iPhone 5 has been improved in the 5s, because of a camera which will now dynamically modify its exposure when you’re moving from left to right. You can begin getting your panoramic photograph within an area that’s completely darkness, end-up looking directly at sunlight, and all of your photography may have properly balanced light.

Battery Life 5/10:

The iPhone’s battery life has never gotten us specifically excited. Compared to other smartphones, it is just common, with major people having to keep their devices blocked in every night – and often even during the day – to stave off shutdowns. The iPhone 5s and 5c increase slightly on the iPhone 5’s battery. They both will have over 10 hours of music, talk and browsing time and are rated for 250 hours of idle time. If you often utilize it during the day you’ll still have to plug your phonein every evening, but the new battery should easily last you from dawn to dusk without a midafternoon recharge.

Internal Specs 10/10:

The greatest change to the design of the 5s on the initial iPhone 5 is hidden away inside its cover. While every other contemporary phone continues to utilize 32-bit processors such as the desktops of yesteryear, the 5s is the first mobile phone with a 64-bit CPU. Apple’s new A7 chip is up-to two times as fast while the previous iPhone that were driven by the A6 processor. The organization has even compounded the A7 with the integrated motion-processing chip called the M7. The M7 takes care of research knowledge compiled in the telephone’s accelerometer, compass and gyroscope, making the A7 open to travel information-rich applications and graphically stunning games.

Features 9/10:

Among the most exciting additions to the 5s may be the introduction of Touch ID, a fingerprint scanner that’s been incorporated into the iPhone’s well-known home option. It can also be properly used to verify your identity for iTunes purchases and that means you don’t have to type in your Apple password. It’s not the very first fingerprint scanner on a smartphone, but-its accuracy and ease of use set it aside. There’s no necessity to swipe your hand multiple times or be sure to navigate your thumb just right; like we’ve arrive at expect from Apple, Contact ID just works.

The surface of the iPhone 5s ‘s home key has become a sapphire crystal contact – very clear and tough – that helps target your finger’s picture onto the reader underneath. It is a 360-level reader, which means your hand could be oriented in virtually any direction and the scan will still operate. Whenever you feel the house button, a brand new metal alarm band finds your hand and activates the scanner. The scanner isn’t a camera; it is not having a graphic image of your thumb. Instead, it’s testing the infinitesimal differences in curves and whorls that produce all of our fingerprints exclusive.

The theory is that, Touch ID is very protected. The scanner connects to an isolated portion of the A7 processor, that will be specialized in Contact ID alone and doesn’t communicate with any area of the program. Programs can’t attempt to steal your fingerprint, and the safety information is never delivered to the cloud. Once you have scanned in your styles, simply they’ll offer use of your telephone.


As it pertains to selecting the most truly effective smartphone available on the market, there is no competing with the iPhone. If it’d expanding storage and were only a little more affordable, we would probably call it an ideal phone, but neither the 5c or 5s is very there. Nonetheless, their quality is extraordinary, the brand new iOS 7 operating-system is natural and elegant, and the 5s ‘s images are merely beautiful. Include improved security and the fastest processor ever developed for a-mobile system, and the 5s is just a clear success and our pick for the very best smartphone you can purchase.