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Facebook is taking your money!

facebook is taking your money

Users of largest social network (Facebook), impulsively buy products based on the recommendations of Facebook friends.

Study of online marketing experts from Sociable Labs indicates that three-quarters of people who often buy online, click on the links of products, which are recommend by their Facebook friends.

The study involved 1,088 Facebook users, Sociable Labs called this “social proofing” in which users are attracted to products based on the opinions of online communities.

People who impulsively buy a variety of products in this way are called “social customers”, which to various companies represent a very valuable online customers. In addition, 81% of these customers are themselves prone to sharing recommendations and establishing links to the products on their walls and walls of friends.

Darby Williams, vice president of marketing at Sociable Labs, said that retailers now have the ability to monitor these types of sharing recommendations of their products, and therefore can create a concrete offer.

Facebook has also conducted an analysis of its top 100 pages of famous brands, and found that every fan of a brand, average shares recommendations on their 34 friends, and further expansion of this effect multiplies exponentially, making it clear that social networks are becoming more powerful marketing and sales tool.