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Cheap Flat Screen TV 2014 – Best Buy For The Money

cheaptvJust about everyone these days wants a cheap flat screen TV. But that doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. Even a cheap flat screen TV is still a modern day marvel of technology, meaning you need to consider all the different bells and whistles that can come with it if you hope to make the right purchase. The next time you are looking for a cheap flat screen tv, consider the advice below.

We will take apart what goes into a TV, taking apart the confusing language so that you know exactly what you are looking for. The more you know, the more money you will save. Lets begin…

Facts to consider when buying a cheap flat screen TV:

Ok, if you want to skip an in-depth analysis and want the greatest bang for your buck, then you are in luck. The lowest cost, highest quality flat screen TV’s are in the following order, plasma, LCDs, and LEDs. If you are in the United States, then look on Amazon, Newegg, Fry’s, and Costco. In addition, holiday sales are a major way people save money. What Brands should you consider? Well, Vizio, RCA, Dynex/Insignia, Toshiba, Seiki, Philips, and Emerson are all well established TV manufacturing brands.

Why to buy a flat screen tv?

Flat-screen TVs aren’t simply the trend, additionally they offer you more when it comes to viewing experience. Though a 20″ flat screen TV might have the exact same measurements as the more standard ‘curved’ screen TV typically located on CRTs, the flat screen presents the illusion of height and extended width. Listed here are a few methods you need to use when selecting and purchasing a cheap flat screen tv.

The biggest thing to watch out for when buying cheap flat screen tv:

The biggest thing you watch out for when purchasing a cheap flat screen tv is the manufacturer. A common rule of thumb is to not even remotely consider any brand that wasn’t around in the year 2000. Why might you ask? TVs are all about quality, and well established brands have earned a reputation for quality. They may cost a little more, but you are guaranteed to get what you pay for. Other brands that you may have never heard of before, or have only recently come into existence, (including numerous pop-up Asian TV manufacturing Brands) have little to no track record, and there is nothing backing the quality or longevity of their cheap flat screen tv. It is no longer cheap if you have to buy a new one every year.

Finding the right cheap flat screen tv that will fit your needs:

Another important question for you to ask yourself is what will you use it for. Do you have something particular in mind, like gaming, watching sports, or watching movies? Or, do you want a cheap model that will do everything moderately well? What you will use it for will influence what the best cheap flat screen tv is for you.

  1. Watching Sports on cheap flat screen TV – The biggest things to look out for are bright colors, a refresh rate of 120Hz or more, a high brightness, and either an OLED or any display.

  2. Watching Movies on cheap flat screen TV – Similar to sports with a big exception. Look for something with a refresh rate for display that multiplies by 24. This includes 120, 240, and 600. This syncs it with movies and makes watching movies more pleasurable

  3. Playing Video Games on cheap flat screen TV – Plasma is usually preferred because it has an input lag of 2 frames. This is also known as 35ms. If you can get below 2, then all the better. This will help with updating the image, and keeping you in the game.

There is the perfect cheap flat screen tv for you. Do a little bit of research, save a lot of money, and good luck! But if you decide to spend a little more bucks then check out article about best tv on the market.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Cheap Flat Screen TV

cheap flat screen tvAnything Less Than 1080p Resolution

One con that will ruin your cheap flat screen TV purchase is a resolution below 1080p. This is one way many companies will try to cut money off the price. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with a 720p resolution, it’s just nowhere near as good as a 1080p and the latter shouldn’t cost you too much more.

Plus, if you’re buying your cheap flat screen TV from a manufacturer other than one of the name brands (i.e. Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.), you can expect quality issues to play a role in any screen below 1080p resolution.

Computer or Gaming Purposes on cheap flat screen tv

Many people purchase a cheap flat screen TV for use with a video game system or even their computer. Here, too, there are pros and cons to consider. Plasma TVs are fantastic televisions. In fact, many of them make the absolutely best cheap flat screen TV options out there.

However, when it comes to being used for video games, they often leave much to be desired. For example, many people report “ghost” images with their plasma. This means, long after the image on their screen disappears, they can see some digital residue left behind.

Sports and Action Movies on cheap flat screen tv

That being said, if you’re into sports and action movies, a plasma is probably your best choice for a cheap flat screen TV. It will appear much more like a traditional screen and less like a laptop or something. If you have tour heart set on an LCD television because you like gaming, but still want a decent option for watching TV and movies, choose one that has a 120Hz refresh rate. This will go a long way with tracking the motion.

Aspect Ratio of cheap flat screen tv

Another area you absolutely must consider when choosing a cheap flat screen TV is the aspect ratio. For the most part, it will come down to the traditional 4:3 versus a 16:9 widescreen option. For the most part, your best choice comes down to what kinds of movies you’ll be watching on your cheap flat screen TV. Movies are filmed in one aspect or the other, but most will always look good in 16:9, so that should be the default choice if you don’t have a hard feeling one way or the other.

Warranty for cheap flat screen tv

Finally, make sure you buy one with a warranty. Even a cheap flat screen TV that isn’t made by a name brand manufacturer should come with a warranty to ensure peace of mind. Otherwise, you could be throwing your hard-earned money away.

Why we consider Samsung UN32EH5000 32-Inch LED HDTV as the best cheap flat screen tv:

cheap flat screen tv

This is the perfect and also a cheap flat screen tv for everyone. It’s best buy for the money because with this TV you will get everything what you need.  Samsung UN32EH5000 is a Led HD TV with lots of features. This TV is perfect for any space. Through this TV, you will be able to watch your favorite shows and movies in HD resolution and much more, and the biggest advantage is the price.

Costing around $250 on the web, Samsung is breaking the price fizz with its UN32EH5000 32 inch LED TV model. It presents 1080p resolution with a 120 Hz revive rate and for the majority applications, those specifications are more than adequate to convey a dazzling picture.

Out of the pack

It is astounding at how light LCD TVs have gotten to be. Packing the Samsung’s UN32EH5000 in its case was just gently uncomfortable because of its measurements.


  • Outstanding picture
  • Simple setup
  • Striking design
  • Exceptionally affordable


  • Reduced sound quality
  • Deficient in auditory outputs

For those searching to include a second TV or make that first jump into the flat panel domain, Samsung’s UN32EH5000 is one of the enhanced budget TVs accessible.

Attributes and design

The Samsung’s UN32EH5000 cheap flat screen TV has an amazingly thin edge for its cost. At only 7 inches thick, it strongly outlines the display. In any case, however the term LED has a tendency to invoke pictures of pencil-slim TV cabinets, and this TV is a direct lit LED set, signifying its 3.7-inch profundity, isn’t out of line with CCFL-illuminated TVs of similar dimension.

The Samsung UN32EH5000 and its stand together weigh only 13.2 pounds. The Samsung’s UN32EH5000 cheap flat screen TV meek assortment of inputs are at the back, including a Component or Composite hybrid input, 2 HDMI inputs, one USB input, and a common input for cables.


Connecting the Samsung’s UN32EH5000 cheap flat screen TV to its 7-inch profound stand is as simple as setting all the screws in its place. The TV was ready in less than a minute, and looked really savvy on its stand.

For those who want to mount it on the wall, installation is very simple as the light weight of the TV provides it with all the fundamental hardware to mount it on the wall.

Performance of this cheap flat screen tv

Samsung’s UN32EH5000 is extremely inspiring with the picture even though it is only at its entry level. Its LED backdrop illumination gave an abundant punch to highlight its rendering of lavish greens, striking reds, and brilliant yellows.

This 32-inch cheap flat screen tv is supported with Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality which actually can give you better and larger resolution picture on your screen. This can actually bring a huge-screen image for you to enjoy in every moment.

Although it’s not as perfect as other huge-screen LED TV, this 32-inch LED TV is able to give you much entertainment. It has ConnectShare Movie to share and view you precious moments with your family/ friends through videos and picture on this TV.

The Samsung’s UN32EH5000 cheap flat screen TV has astounding picture quality, and simple setup, this 32-inch is completed with great features and specifications to entertain your daily routine.  And its price around $250 puts Samsung UN32EH5000 on top of the charts as the best cheap flat screen tv. The product is available now at Amazon!