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Cheap 40 inch TV 2014 – Ultimate Buying Guide

cheap 40 inch tv

Choosing the right TV is the most confusing one in the world of plasma, 3D and smart TVs, so we will help you to choose best cheap 40 inch tv. TVs today range from small screens to large screens that give the experience of theatre at home, thus keeping families happy. It is thus an overwhelming task to choose the right TV with the level of choices available.

LED TVs are the most advisable ones and a screen size of 40 inch can prevent your eyes from being hurt.

Buying a 40 inch TV is mostly looked for and it doesn’t require the spending of a fortune to buy a great 40 inch TV.  There are some factors that are to be noted while buying a cheap 40 inch TV. 

Here are the factors you should consider when buying cheap 40 inch TV

  1. Energy saving:Saving on the hidden costs by reducing the power consumption can be an excellent idea to decide on a cheap 40 inch TV. The energy consumption of TVS can range from as low as $6 to $100. Choosing a power hungry TV will lead to additional spending and this can be avoided by opting for the right one that requires less power. LED TVs consume less power. They consume only 50% of the power as that required by a plasma TV.
  2. Screen type: LCD TVs are among the cheapest models to pick up from. But now the prices of most LED TVs have also come down.
  3. Screen Size: A screen size of 40 inch is the one to opt for, when you buy a TV, and bigger TVs have their own disadvantages when it comes to the being easier on the eyes. A 40 inch TV is much easier on the eyes than big screens. So it is essential to choose one that is both affordable and easier on eyes.
  4. Picture considerations: Plasma TVs provide better uniformity in image and a better 3D experience, but the richness prevails only under controlled light conditions. This can be overcome by purchasing a LCD or LED which performs better even in bright light.
  5. Functional issues: When it comes to other functional issues like burn-in LCDs are not prone for it and are advisable. Image retention in LCDs is also an advantage. But the con of LCD is the image blurring and pixel response part. So it is better to opt for a cheap 40 inch TVwith LED backlight.
  6. Deciding on the budget: If you already decided for cheap 40 inch tv then the size and some specifications of TV aren’t so much important factors for you but if you didn’t decide your budget will depend on the screen size, screen type and specifications. It is vital to decide on the budget first before deciding on which TV to buy.

Picking the right TV demands great analysis of the needs and limitations when it comes to space allotted for setting the TV, specifications, usage, functioning and budget.

In addition when you’re buying cheap 40 inch tv it is also essential to look for video streaming sources, multimedia playback, HD resolution, and picture technology. Before making the decision of which TV to choose, it is essential to go through the reviews in order to know what others say about it and how good it is.

Choosing the best cheap 40 inch TV

From a wide array of TV choices, choosing the right one demands great quality, specifications and rate. Toshiba 40L1400U 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV is affordable than most TVs and has the following pre-built features

  • Screen Size: 40″ diagonal widescreen
  • Pixels: 1080p
  • Screen Type: LED TV
  • 60Hz
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs without stand
  • 200mm x 200mm

Quality, design and value of cheap 40 inch TV

When it comes to choosing from the wide pool of 40 inch TVs Toshiba 40L1400U 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV beats the race as it delivers great picture quality. It is perfectly designed with a slim and elegant frame. The energy efficiency of the TV with LED backlight display adds to the advantage. It is facilitated with dynamic picture mode and maximum contrast with immersive sound and clear dialog options.

Cheap 40 inch TV – Crisp detailing and deep black picturing

Toshiba 40L1400U 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV comes with Dynalight option that adjusts the intensity of the backlight according to the screen content and this gives a picture perfect view.

Affordable and great cheap 40 inch TV

The TV is great value for money and has become the favorite of most buyers. The sound quality is excellent and does not require any sound bars.

Great option for games

Toshiba 40L1400U 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV includes a game mode that reduces the signal-to-screen time, thus reducing the time to respond. It is an excellent option for diehard gamers who love to spend hours in gaming.

The dynamic picture mode delivers sharp clarity and realistic pictures. It is also equipped with the color master which allows adjustment of the brightness of the screen as per our liking. It offers a six color management option with the ColorMaster and you can choose from a list of standard TV colors.

The sound quality is exceptional and has a Trusurround audio technology. Options to enhance the bass and dialogue provide clear, high frequency sound.

Toshiba 40L1400U 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV is strongly recommended for those looking for a relatively cheap TV, with great sound and picture quality. The pair of HDMI ports allows the users to enjoy great videos and audios. The TV also has a USB drive at the side allowing connection to flash drives.

The power consumption is extremely acceptable and it is ENERGY STAR certified. Toshiba 40L1400U 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV strictly abides to the power consumption guidelines.

Toshiba 40L1400U 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV caters to the requirements of a buyer who wish to buy a cheap LED TV with great features. It satisfies all the needs right from picture quality, surround sound, screen type, screen size, gaming options, HDMI ports, resolution and minimal power consumption.

With so many excellent characteristics, Toshiba 40L1400U 40-Inch becomes the right choice for most of the buyers aspiring to purchase an affordable LED TV which has a screen size of 40 inch. Moreover this cheap 40 inch TV also serves as an excellent option for monitor screens.