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Top 10 Tablets in 2013

top 10 tablets in 2013

Hitech reports has chosen for you the top 10 tablets in 2013, New Year’s Eve is in front of the door and we are expecting new tablets in the upcoming year but until then, these are the top 10 tablets in 2013. 1. Apple iPad Air This tablet is one of the hottest for 2013 because it is lighter than the ... Read More »

Bamboo Drawing Tablet Review

Bamboo Drawing Tablet

It seems that tablets are popping everywhere and being sold at numerous different venues. From the stores to the technology pages, the reviews and the information can be confusing and convoluted. Among the top sites for purchasing technologies is Amazon and on their list of offerings is the Bamboo Drawing Tablet, which has great features and pros for those looking ... Read More »

New Tablets 2013 Review

Blackberry Playbook

Hi-Tech Reports bring few of the best new tablets in 2013! Google Nexus 7 Tablet This neat tablet comes at a price of $228.00, which is more affordable than some of the major tablets. In addition, this tablet has a seven-inch screen with adjustable zoom features and the battery lasts up to nine hours. It is powered by Android and ... Read More »