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Genius Camera with GPS Review

Genius DVR-FHD660G Review

Like other cameras for vehicles from Genius portfolio DVR FHD660G is intended for recording of driving conditions on the road or as an aid in monitoring the movement of vehicles, and can also be used for security purposes. The new model brings two new hardware features. Genius DVR-FHD660G is the first Genius camera with GPS. The integrated GPS receiver, accurate ... Read More »

Cheap Gaming Monitor 2014 – Choose the Best One

cheap gaming monitor

When looking for a cheap gaming monitor, there are a ton of different monitors to choose from. The majority of LCD/LED monitors produced today should be more than adequate for most forms of gaming. But in order to maximize the value you get for you dollar, you want as big of a size as possible, all of the necessary inputs, ... Read More »

Cheap HDMI Monitor – Ultimate Buying Guide

cheap hdmi monitor

If you want a better view of whatever you have going on your computer, a cheap HDMI monitor can’t be beat. The monitor will not only provide you with one of the best screens the market has to offer, but at the right price, you don’t have to hurt in the wallet for it either. The following is what to ... Read More »

Galaxy Note 10.1 Review

Galaxy Note 10.1

Galaxy Note 10.1 bigger and better screen offers a lot more options to play with the S Pen. Too bad that powerful beast under the hood is restricted by exaggerated user interface and poorly optimized software. How much Samsung with Galaxy Note 10.1 succeeded in creating a digital notebook? The answer to this question can have interesting consequences, because I doubt ... Read More »

Top Free Android Apps for Messaging and Socializing

top free android chat apps

These free Android applications will help you keep in touch with the most important people in your life. Google Voice Free application that fits smoothly in Android on your phone, giving you a unique number, for as much devices you want. Give the number to whomever you want, and use filters for spam and other junk to protect your privacy. ... Read More »

LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 – New Smartwatches

LG G watch and MOTO 360

Moto 360 comes in a circular housing and reminiscent of classic watches, while LG G Watch, in a cubic as with most. Both should arrive in the next few months. Motorola has released the first photos of their new smartwatch Moto 360. This device, which uses the platform, Android Wear, differs from previous smart watches at a much more elegant ... Read More »

LG G2 Compact is Coming

LG g2 Compact

LG G2 Mini smartphone is the average model, not a top-end compact device, as it is the Xperia Z1 compact. However, it seems that LG is preparing a real compact model. On the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, appeared registration of the model LG G2 Compact, in the category of mobile phones and software for mobile phones. ... Read More »

Garmin Virb Elite Review – Camera for Your Adventures

Garmin Virb Elite Review

Garmin has completed an offer of gadgets for leisure time with high-definition video camera Garmin Virb Elite. Can they with the experience and credibility take away part of the GoPro camera users? GoPro has been for years a synonym for sports action camera. Many have tried to take away their piece of the pie in this increasingly popular market. Garmin ... Read More »

Goophone M8 Wants to be Like New HTC One

Goophone M8

While on the internet wide open spaces circling spy photos of the new HTC One model known also under the code designation M8, in Hong Kong appeared, its almost a clone – Goophone M8. After Samsung Galaxy S5 plagiarism, Goophone company is on the same principle produced “New HTC One”. The model features a 5-inch screen, a resolution of 1920 ... Read More »