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Apple TV MD199LL/A Review

Apple TV MD199LL/A review

The television is a gateway to fantasy, fiction, reality, and entertainment. With new advances in technology, the ordinary TV is able to turn into a virtual stereo and video system. Apple TV MD199LL/A is one of the compatible pieces of hardware that is elevating the television to a whole new level.

Easy to Use

The Apple TV MD199LL/A is a lightweight box, essentially, that is hooked into a television that transforms the device into a whole new device. The High Definition box, coming equipped with a remote controller, allows for live streaming of videos and access to the iPlay store. There are numerous titles available for renting and purchasing when this device is installed. Not only that, but there is an integration element as well, making it compatible with other Apple devices and video gaming systems.

Good Connection

The iPad connects directly into the system allowing users the ability to take their mobile devices and show clearly on the screen, mirroring one another and allowing for larger presentations or clarity of vision and detail as well. The iPod and iPhone also have compatible and integrative capabilities with the Apple TV MD199LL/A as well.

Home Theater

The digital optics and high definition style, as noted previously, make the system seem more theater than home television. Viewers love the way in which the screen lights up and seems to transport users into a new and unique venue with each passing flick of the screen. Not only that, but the graphics are capable of creating a multiplayer gaming experience that is unlike any other, if the correct compatible parts are owned and utilized. This is done through the high quality and quick Wi-Fi capabilities of the Apple TV that turns a television into a gaming, video, and computer all in one. Wi-Fi access is required in order to fully utilize this aspect of the device to its fullest potential.


When purchasing an Apple TV MD199LL/A, there is an assuredness that is comforting to many consumers. Not only are you buying one of the most current technological products on the market, but you are getting the brand name backing. Apple provides a year warranty on their products and a ninety-day help availability that can provide access to technical resolutions of problems quickly and with the expertise that a brand name can provide. For these reasons, and more, the Apple TV receives a high mark on both the consumer and the production side of the industry.

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