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An Insight Into The Best 4K TVs Of 2015

The year 2015 has seen a revolutionary change in the world of televisions. High definition is not an option any longer; instead it has taken over the digital world completely. Each and everything such as television, laptops and mobile screens are available in high definition. Anything that is not in HD is frowned upon and considered obsolete. 2015 has seen the emergence of the maximum number of 4K televisions than any of the previous years. 4K, commonly known as ultra HD is considered as the latest advancement in televisions. There are a lot of options available in ultra HD televisions. Let us deep dive into some of the best 4K TVs of 2015.

Samsung JS9500

best 4K TVs of 2015

Samsung has excelled in televisions and it can boast as one of the largest number of ultra HD televisions in the market. This television is a treat in the world of visual technology and it is packed with features to amaze buyers looking for the best. The Samsung JS9500 is not what you may consider an affordable television, but it is worthy of the price tag attached to it. Features like the nano crystal colour, multi zone full array back lightening and peak illuminator make this television one of the best in the market of 4K televisions.



LG 65EG9600

Best 4K TVs of 2015

LG’s best in televisions so far is undoubtedly the LG 65EG9600. The 65” inch OLED 4K TV has an impressive look and a spectacular display. The television is meant to sweep you off your feet right at the first glance. It gives you perfect side angle viewing, and the flawless contrast would only want you to buy it when you see it. With a mind blowing audio, and superior video the LG65EG9600 is considered expensive. But when you are looking for the best, prices are bound to rise. LG has options for those looking for an affordable television but some important features are bound to be lost in an attempt to look for lower prices.



Sony XBR55X850C

Best 4K TVs of 2015

Sony XBR55X850C is a budgeted 4K TV and it offers great picture quality in all environments be it dark or light. The viewing angle is not as good as Samsung JS9500 or LG 65EG9600. The wide array of colours offered in the television make the visuals more appealing than other televisions of the same price. The sound is good unless you like to watch television at very high volumes. You may prefer using speakers along with this television because the bass loses its effect when you increase the volume.



Vizio M43-C1

Best 4K TVs of 2015

The affordably priced Vizio M43-C1 is one of the best 4K TVs 2015 has to offer because of the features packed in it at a price which makes it available for the masses. It offers value for money with features similar to LG, Samsung and Sony 4K televisions. It has a decent picture quality and offers complete 4K connectivity. It comes with full-array backlighting which has been limited to the high end models in other brands. The Vizio M43-C1 has 28 different lighting zones for sharp pictures. The sound quality is good and overall the television can be considered as a good investment.



Sharp LC-70UD27U 70 inch Aquos

Best 4K TVs of 2015

This 70 inch Sharp Aquous television gives you a full-fledged theatre experience with complete ultra HD picture quality and a budget friendly price. The television boasts of the THX certification for 4K picture quality. This means that Sharp has not compromised in the picture quality of the television at all. THX certification means that the picture quality is equivalent to what was intended by the film makers when they shot the video for release in a theatre. Such meticulous picture quality puts the Sharp LC-70UD27U in the list of the best 4K TVs of 2015 has seen. The sound quality is decent as well, but it gets better with the use of speakers.


Panasonic TX-50CX802

Best 4K TVs of 2015


The sleek Panasonic TX-50CX802 is not far behind in the race for the best 4K TVs of 2015.The television is beautifully designed and has amazing picture quality. The black levels are very intense, keeping greyness at bay. This gives sharper picture quality and no shadowy images. The Panasonic TX-50CX802 is designed in a manner where the length of the stand is the same as the length of the television, so if you choose to invest in this TV, you may as well consider buying furniture which can seat the TV if you don’t already have one.

The world of televisions has seen much advancement and we have a plethora of options to choose from. Mentioned above are a few of the best 4K TVs 2015 has offered, and while the year hasn’t ended, we may find newer models replace the ones mentioned above. While making a choice you have to closely consider your needs of the television and your budget for the television.

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